Benefits of "FOUNDING" Chamber Membership


BUSINESS SOLUTIONS  -  The Centerton Area Chamber understands the unique need for businesses to receive the maximum exposure in today's tough business climate.  The Centerton Chamber will be the go-to place to find businesses, view events calendars and market your business.

POWER OF SEO  -  Statistics and data show that businesses that are part of a Chamber Business directory have a 50% greater SEO ranking due to the lift through cross-linking and cross-promoting that comes from this business directory

EXTENSIVE NETWORKING & PARTNERSHIPS - Networking is the #1 way to grow your business. The Chamber offers unparalleled access to networking, resources, opportunities, and collaborations for businesses with other businesses.

ECONOMIC GROWTH  -  Growing the economic climate in the Centerton area is a top priority. Just as a rising water raises all the ships in the harbor, so does raising the economic climate or vibrancy benefit all the businesses in the community.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT  -  The Centerton Area Chamber will actively organize events and initiatives bringing the entire community together. This provides a better place to live, work, and play.

FOUNDING MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY  -  Becoming a Centerton Area Chamber member before June 30, 2024 entitles you to being a "FOUNDING" member. This entitles your business to ALWAYS have access to the same rates currently available without ever increasing as long as you are a member. This designation also entitles you to a 10% discount on any sponsorship or chamber event for as long as you are a chamber member.


We have a variety of Membership Levels available:

INDIVIDUAL LEVEL:                   $75.00

BUSINESS STARTER LEVEL:     $150.00 (Home Based, Non-Profits & Sole Proprietors)

BUSINESS BASIC LEVEL:          $299.00 (For Businesses w/2-8 employees)

BUSINESS GROWTH LEVEL:    $599.00 (For Businesses w/8-20 employees)

BUSINESS LEADER LEVEL:      $999.00 (For Businesses w/20+ employees)

EXECUTIVE LEVEL:                    $2500.00 (24/7 ad on the website, listed as a top donor at ALL Chamber events)

PRESIDENTS LEVEL:                  $5000.00 (24/7 hero ad on the website, listed as a top donor & sponsor at ALL Chamber events.


QUESTION:     How can I become a "Founding" member of Centerton Area Chamber?

ANSWER:       You can easily become a member by visiting our website and filling out the membership form. Our team will guide you through the process.

QUESTION:    What benefits will I receive as a "Founding" member of the Centerton Area Chamber?

ANSWER:       As a member, you gain access to exclusive networking events, advertising opportunities, and business resources. You also become a part of a supportive community that helps you grow and succeed.

QUESTION:    Do I need to have a business in the Centerton area to become a member?

ANSWER:       While we primarily focus on Centerton Area businesses, we also welcome individuals and organizations who are interested in supporting the local community and economy.

QUESTION:    How can I get involved in community events organized by the Centerton Area Chamber?

ANSWER:       Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on upcoming events. We encourage community participation and often seek volunteers and sponsors for our events.

We would love to have you join the Centerton Area Chamber!

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